From India with love.


My dreams for my future

My dreams for my future.

Future is a beautiful word. Future is an illusion. It is not something that does not exists. It is a dream. My dream!

Well! My dream is not very clear at the moment, but it is big. It is huge.

I see myself on stages in front of big audience. Speaking to them. Sharing big ideas. Making difference in their lives. I dream of connecting to people in a very spiritual way. I see people men, women, children, and all the other categories of this beautiful species smiling and feeling happy because they are alive. They are happy because I could show them that they matter.They are happy because I could make them realize that the earth is better because they are born in it.

I would love to reach within and touch their soul so they can see that we are not different people but in fact we are that one supper soul that is present in different forms.

My son, once drew this beautiful picture of a birthday party, where he drew the kids in different colors, different shapes. Some were thin some fat. Some were dark and dusky while others were fair. Some had long hair while some had short curls. There were boys and girls. I asked him how would the picture look if all of them looked alike. Same skin color same hair, same hight.

He said the picture would look boring.

I asked him which one was his favorite one? He said he liked the birthday boy the best because it was special day for him. He said he could not choose a favorite one because all was made by him. He had put in effort to make all of them different from one another. This picture would not be what it was if two characters looked the same.

Such a beautiful message , I got from a child who was much less wise then we are. Yet, he could see the beauty in the creation. This message is what I wish to give the world.

My dream to to show and to make this world realize that god speaks in thousand languages. And, that these languages are comprehensible by one and all of his creations. Only if we could except that we are beautiful because our creator has put a lot of effort in creating us.

My dream is to reach out to the masses and show them that only by doing the simplest thing and the most natural thing of loving them selves they can bring about the revolution that the world seeks today of world peace.

Self love is much underestimated phenomenon in the world today. People all over are looking for true love. Men, women and others are compromising with them selves,with their happiness in order to please their loved ones. This is the reason why every one is suffering. How can you give life to someone when you yourself are suffocating with lake of life. To give birth to a child you need to be alive yourself. A dead mom can not give birth to a new life. Can she?

Then how can you love someone if you do not love yourself. Except your flaws. They are your uniqueness. They are your identity. They are that extra effort that the god took to create you, different from the others. You are like no other.

This might seem like a simple message. In fact it is a very simple message. Yet it is so difficult to understand it.For the world-to see and to realize the beauty of its own being, it is going to take a long long time and lots and lots of hard work. My dream is to see this simplicity in the next generation.

I am afraid the next generation is going to be robbed of this simplicity. My dream is to protect this next generations simplicity and to nourish the creativeness of the future of the world.

My dream is huge I know. But I know that it is not an impossible one. This is my dream for my future, this is my dream for my world.

‘Twas a long fight

‘Bhaiya ek patta dena.’ We were waiting just outside the hospital door, waiting for a cab.

‘Dad! Have you lost it?’ I shouted. ‘ You got operated in the MOUTH, It is not even 10 days. We hardly came out of the hospital premises AND you wanna have Puchkas? Really?’

‘I know I can have it.’He said. His voice was not very clear after the operation. But I could make out what he was saying.

‘Dad! Please I know you can do whatever you want but this is not the time to test your willpower. Who do you want to prove and what?’ I was damn frustrated with his attitude.

‘You want?’ he asked as if I had not given him this mini lecture that I am do good at.

‘Dad…’ I Began trying to make 1 more attempt in trying to put some sense into him ‘ you shouldn’t..’ CRUNCH and the first puchka went inside his mouth.

‘One can’t survive with cancer on medications darling. Your mama’s prayers will also not help. I need to fight my own battle; with myself. My will power is going to make me survive. It is what will make us survive. I need to last it time and again.

Now want some puchkas?’ he offered.