Why is it tough always to make good decisions?

#sometimesIwonder Every situation is a combination of something good and something bad. Human nature is that we want to eradicate all things bad and hold on to all things good. Sometimes we hold on to things that are bad because it is comfortable.

As a child, we are mischievous and naughty, but we are also dependent. As we grow we learn new stuff we become independent and more responsible. Then we have to let go of the fun stuff of childhood as well.

What we really need to understand that we need to step out of the comfort zone and let go of situations, knowing that something good will also be gone along with all the bad. And we need to except it. Or if we stick with the situation then the bad will stay with the good. We need to decide what we need to let go and what we just can’t part with.

This decision is tough any day anytime.

Why depression????

Why do some people enter into depression when they fail to find a goal in life? The original goal of humans was to survive. So why are humans looking for higher goals now?

Survive can mean different things to different ppl. For someone in coma surviving means breathing. For a new born survival is eating and sleeping. For a man or a woman in love survival is being close to their partner. For a visionary survival means making it easier for others to live on this world better than we already are.

To survive, to live, one imagines to do things or be somebody better than they are born as. To achieve that sense of completely lived. When one fails to achieve that sense of completeness or when one looses their focus from what they really want or meant to do in life the get depressed. Depression is only that: a sense of failure. When this sense of failure and uselessness engulfs you survival becomes an unfathomable struggle.