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Retaliate or relate

So many burdens we carry, Do we really need to ?

Why not just stop and throw everything away

Why not just release all the pain?

And if I do so am I selfish, or inconsiderate or something else?

No I am not all these or any of it.

All I am, at this point, is tired

I can’t carry this burden any longer, this is not why I was sent here to you

I was sent to accept and love! And to be accepted and loved in return

I am ready to do my part but the way I want to

I refuse to carry any more, the burden of hatred or anger or unreturned love

If you can’t do your part it is ok with me, I am not here to judge I am only here to love

And love I will whoever you are wherever you are I will not back away this time

No I am here to love and I will love

Missings Compass

We all have something that is trademark. Something people associate us with…

I associate my dad with compass. He always had it, carried it with him in his pocket or attached it to his watch.

No, he was not a navigator nor he had any definite use. The instrument fascinated him, intrigued him.

Today all that his left of him are some fond memories and his collection of COMPASS.